What is iGovern? 

Generation Joshua’s iGovern Summer Camp is a camp for students aged 14-19 (14-17 for iGovern East and Statecraft). All three camps teach politics, leadership and government within a scenario while taking advantage of the unique opportunities each location provides. iGovern East in Purcellville, VA includes a field trip into our Nation’s capital. iGovern Statecraft, also in Purcellville, VA, will provide a unique view inside the national security of the United States. iGovern West’s location in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs, CO provides a field trip to the Air Force Academy, and several unique geographic feature of the area.

iGovern provides leadership and character development opportunities through the real-world crises scenario, team building challenges, and daily corporate chapel. At iGovern, students will be members of Congress, the Executive Branch, or ambassadors from foreign countries engaging in diplomacy and governing.   

Students are tasked with drafting and passing legislation, balancing the budget, negotiating international conflict and crisis, and running for president or supporting another in a run for president. Opportunities arise that challenge students to think through what their Christian faith means in our world. Our staff of dedicated Christians intersperse lectures, discussion, and games to foster good teamwork, friendship, and growth of your faith in God.

The Generation Joshua iGovern Summer Leadership Camp is the only camp where Christianity, real-world politics, adventure, and fun are brought together in a seamless blend to inspire and challenge your child spiritually, educationally, and physically. We hope that you will consider it for your child.

For more info, or to register, go here:  iGovern EastiGovern West, or iGovern Statecraft




*These stops are tentatively scheduled, but may change due to circumstances outside of our control.