A Letter to Parents

December 7, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad,

I would like you to consider sending your child to Generation Joshua’s iGovern Summer Camp and I would like to give you three reasons to consider as to why. 

First, iGovern is intentionally designed to help grow your students into leaders. Be it learning to think through the consequences of what they say and do, or choosing to stand up and speak because it needs to be said; even when it’s unpopular, leadership means thinking through your actions in advance of what you do, and doing what is right rather than easy.  The next generation is in desperate need of people who will make the hard choices and it is essential that we take the time and effort to help train the next generation in mature leadership.

Second, we need to train the next generation in the political principles on which our liberties rest.  We have spent countless hours as parents imbuing the biblical principles that drive us into our students, but explaining why we oppose stem cell research, support religious freedom, or believe in limited government is not always easy.  Generation Joshua aims to use our camps to help connect the dots between the Biblical principles we operate on and the principles that give us political freedom.  Those principles and their biblical ties are essential for the next generation to know and motivate people in the defense of our freedom. 

Third, the next generation of leaders need to be connected with likeminded people nationwide.  In the same way that Lone Ranger Christianity has struggles, isolation does not work in politics.  It is essential that the next generation build a strong network of people committed defending the liberties we hold dear.  As our camps are national in scope, it provides that nationwide perspective and connections that are needed if we are going to succeed in preserving our liberties for yet another generation. 

To this end, I wish to invite you to send your child to the Generation Joshua Summer Leadership Camp.  They are available in three locations, Purcellville, VA (just outside DC), Colorado Springs, CO, and Riverside, CA.  Your students are tasked with drafting and passing legislation, balancing the budget, and running for president or supporting another in a run for president. Opportunities arise that challenge your child to think through his or her Christian faith, and what it means in our world. Our staff of dedicated Christians intersperse lectures, discussion, and games to foster good teamwork, friendship, and growth of your child’s faith in God.

Every year, we have an incredible lineup of inspiring speakers for our three summer leadership camps. Past speakers have included Michael Farris, co-founder of HSLDA and Patrick Henry College; Dr. David Noebel, founder of Summit Ministries; Tom Minnery; the senior vice president for government and public policy for Focus on the Family; U.S. Senator Jim DeMint; Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli; and many others.  These speakers encourage your child to live a life of service to God, family, and country, while maintaining the integrity and virtue that is so critical in a leader.

The Generation Joshua Summer Leadership Camp is the only camp where Christianity, real-world politics, adventure, and wholesome fun are brought together in a seamless blend to inspire and challenge your child spiritually, educationally, and physically.  We hope that you will consider it for your child.

In Christ,


Joel D. Grewe


iGovern West Recap

HSLDA members receive a $75 discount on your iGovern registration! With camp competitively priced at $625, these savings bring your cost to $550, several hundred dollars under other comparable programs.  

Generation Joshua provides training opportunities for teenagers to be challenged in what they believe and why they believe it. iGovern provides an invaluable opportunity for teenagers to simulate the implematation of their beliefs.

At iGovern, we use a simulated government and campaign structure to show teens the intricacies, nuts, and bolts of how government and politics work. In doing so, we are able to show teens how difficult it can be to live out their faith in real life, and how to mature in grace and integrity while remaining firm in their faith.