iGovern West


July 12-18, Colorado Springs, CO 


Yes, iGovern West is back!

Imagine a verdant mountain paradise, where GenJers can escape from the stress of life and relax among the sandstone cliffs. Alas, all is not well in paradise. There are decisions to be made, a nation to govern, and bad policies to fight. Amidst the towering trees, bills are drafted and debated, national and international policies are formulated, and a presidential election hangs in the balance.

You will be responsible to govern the nation wisely with other GenJ campers, make decisions, and live with the rewards—or consequences. It is not all work, though. There is rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, volleyball, frisbee golf, and more! You will work among the natural monuments of the Rocky Mountains and experience the mild summer of the American West. With all of these activities, coupled with your work in the iGovern Congress, and your involvement in (or opposition to) the strong political parties, you are sure to keep busy and find yourself begging for more.

It is iGovern West: GenJ politics high in the mountains of Colorado.

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Why come to camp?

We're glad you asked!

Come take part in what we offer! Hear from amazing speakers.

Also at camp, you'll:
- Serve as a member of Congress
- Be a guest of honor at the "Formal Affair"
- Live politics in the fast lane
- Run for President or Vice President, or support a friend who does
- Make friendships to last a lifetime
- Join GenJ for praise and worship
- Win cool GenJ prizes! T-shirts, books, water bottles, and more!