iGovern Statecraft

June 19-25, Purcellville, VA


You thought leading a nation was hard? Just wait until your job is to interact with the whole world. At iGovern Statecraft, you will spend the week as an official of the Executive Branch, a world news journalist, or a foreign ambassador.  As a U.S. official, you will be entrusted with the United States foreign policy, our diplomatic, intelligence,  and military resources, and a very sticky international crisis.

You can also choose to represent a different nation. Delegations will be attending an international summit where they will be tasked with competing priorities and agendas from their respective homelands. 

During a week of highly detailed simulation and in-depth instruction, you will test current ideas, consider new approaches, and come away with a much deeper understanding of the affairs of nations. On the beautiful campus of Patrick Henry College, you will learn what leadership means, participate in team games, and develop lasting friendships with your fellow students and counselors.

You will also get the opportunity to tour real-life military and government facilities in the D.C. area on our mid-week field trip. We are still making plans, but are considering iconic locations such as: Quantico, the Pentagon, foreign embassies, and more!

This is iGovern Statecraft: Politics on an international stage.


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Why come to iGovern Statecraft?

We're glad you asked!

  • Hear from amazing speakers.
  • Serve in the White House, Defense Department, Intelligence Agencies, or State Department,
  • Hold the government accountable as part of the press,
  • Be part of a nations diplomatic delegation (as Ambassador or specialist) at the International Summit!
  • Get an insiders tour into parts of the United States National Security Programs!
  • Be part of Generation Joshua's newest camp!
  • Live politics in the fast lane!
  • Test your understanding of foriegn policy against real time simulations and crisis.
  • Represent America as an Ambassador.
  • Make friendships to last a lifetime!
  • Join GenJ for praise and worship!



Eligibility and Age


iGovern Statecraft is open to any Generation Joshua member between the ages of 14–18. If you have questions, or would like to request an exception regarding this, please contact us at 540-338-4850.



The cost for the entire week of camp is $695. If you register before March 1, you will be given a $100 early registration discount. Registrations after June 6th will be charged a $50 expedited processing fee.


A $50 discount is available for HSLDA member families.

As a thank you for your service, we are offering a $200 discount to children of parents in full time or retired ministry or active/retired military. 

Pricing includes transportation from the designated arrival airport to camp and back, lodging, food (17 meals — Sunday evening through Saturday morning), access to all activities, and a great time!

Cancellation Policy:


Your camp registration includes a $100 non-refundable deposit. Of the remaining amount the following applies:  

  • If you cancel on or before March 1 you will receive 100% of your refundable deposit. 
  • If you cancel on or before May 15 you will receive 50% of your refundable deposit. 
  • If you cancel after May 15 you will not receive a refund.


Please Note: If you are attending both iGovern East and iGovern Statecraft and staying at Patrick Henry College on June 18, there will be one $85 charge added to your account to cover room and board between the camps.