iGovern East


 June 12-18, Purcellville, VA


Washington DC is a city of grandeur and majesty, but is also a city of power and corruption. In the heart of Old Dominion Virginia—the home of Washington, Madison, and Lighthorse Harry Lee—you are given the opportunity to change the course of our nation, to write legislation that will make our nation greater, to further your agenda, and to pass your party’s bills. All this happens in the midst of a tumultuous presidential election in which you must raise money and rally support for your candidate.

In a place of both light and dark you will draft and debate legislation, form alliances, and develop friendships that will last. On the beautiful campus of Patrick Henry College, you will learn what leadership means, participate in team games, develope an understanding of Congress, have water fights, and make your mark in the iGovern experience. You will also get the opportunity to tour Washington DC with your friends, where you will get the chance to see the Lincoln Memorial, the United States Capitol, the Air and Space Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the Smithsonian, and much more.

This is iGovern East: Classic politics in Washington DC.



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Eligibility and Age


iGovern East camp is open to any Generation Joshua member between the ages of 14–17 (Note: this is different from iGovern West). If you have questions regarding this, please contact us. 



The cost for the entire week of camp is $695. If you register before March 1, you will be given a $100 early registration discount. Registrations after May 30 will be charged a $50 expedited processing fee.


A $50 discount is available for HSLDA member families.

As a thank you for your service, we are offering a $200 discount to children of parents in full time or retired ministry or active/retired military. 

Pricing includes transportation from the Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) to camp and back, lodging, food (17 meals — Sunday evening through Saturday morning), access to all activities, and a great time!

Cancellation Policy:

Your camp registration includes a $100 non-refundable deposit. Of the remaining amount the following applies:  

  • If you cancel on or before March 1 you will receive 100% of your refundable deposit. 
  • If you cancel on or before May 15 you will receive 50% of your refundable deposit. 
  • If you cancel after May 15 you will not receive a refund.

Please Note: If you are attending both iGovern East and iGovern Statecraft and staying at Patrick Henry College on June 18, there will be one $85 charge added to your account to cover room and board between the camps.

Why come to camp?

We're glad you asked; at iGovern you can:

  • Hear from amazing speakers.
  • Serve as a member of Congress, or represent your own nation at the International Summit.
  • Tour Washington D.C.
  • Be a guest of honor at the Gala.
  • Live politics in the fast lane.
  • Run for President, Vice President, or be appointed as an American Ambassador.
  • Make friendships to last a lifetime.
  • Join GenJ for praise and worship.