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The first emphasis of Generation Joshua is education. Through an ongoing civics curriculum, teens participating in Generation Joshua learn how government works, but also how it should work if the original intent of the Constitution is followed. An active website, supervised online discussion regarding current events, the Generation Joshua Book Club, our Benjamin Rush awards program, and our internship opportunities round out the educational nature of Generation Joshua.

The Generation Joshua Civics Education program is designed to help give young people a vision for the stewardship of this great nation, and our classes are only available to members of Generation Joshua. For a current list of active courses and descriptions please click here. 

Generation Joshua’s book club, only available to members of GenJ, runs from September to June, and students are encouraged to read an assigned book, participate in moderated chats regarding the book’s content, and write an essay on the book they have read. Through regular reading and application to today's world, our goal is to have young people understand the principles underlying America's founding, then to see how the principles exhibited in the lives and writings of the founding era apply to today's issues. For more information on the Book club, please click here.

To measure the progress of Generation Joshua members, Generation Joshua sponsors the Benjamin Rush Awards Program. The Program, named after one of America's greatest Founders, Dr. Benjamin Rush, provides a means by which members of Generation Joshua can gauge their achievements.  A point system measures progress and various rewards for achievement are awarded, including scholarships, certificates, and books. For more information on the Benjamin Rush Awards please click here.

Generation Joshua continues to provide educational opportunities to students in the form of internship opportunities. Interested college students can submit an application to GenJ, and academic credit is available. By assisting Generation Joshua, interns have the opportunity to gain first hand knowledge and  organization.  Interns will also have an opportunity to learn about the legislative process and the federal government by working closely with Generation Joshua staff members and the HSLDA Federal Relations Department.

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