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Generation Joshua’s Distance Learning offers online self-paced courses for member students and families. Each course consists of multiple lessons of assigned readings in PDF format, followed by an online, automated quiz. Select courses also include discussion and essay questions assigned at the discretion of the teacher.


Current Courses: To view a course description or to start your class, select from the options on the right.

Costs:  There is currently no additional cost to Generation Joshua Members for our distance learning classes. They are part of the benefits that come with a two-year or family membership to Generation Joshua.

Note: Quizzes with a score of 70% or above meet Benjamin Rush qualification requirements.  Only one attempt per test, per user, is allowed.

Software Requirements: Our courses require Adobe Reader to open PDF files.  You can download the latest version for free by clicking here.  Also, since most files open in a new window, you may need to disable your pop-up blocker for www.generationjoshua.org.

Sample Lessons:

Course Details

Campaign School - Generation Joshua staff share what it takes to win a successful campaign.  This includes discussions on: attitudes of a successful candidate, questions to answer before running, what to do before deciding to run, six steps to winning a campaign, campaign plans, the media, fundraising, precinct walking and campaign signs, what to do in the field, volunteers, research, mailings, campaigning in public, polls, election day, etc.

Revolutionary War Era Sermons- This course consists of 4 lessons and provides students with the opportunity to study the sermons that impacted America’s Founders.


Federalist Papers - This course is comprised of selected readings of the Federalist Papers, and teaches students the design and intent of the three branches of government through the writings of Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay.


Democracy in America (additional purchase required) - This course guides students through early 19th century America as recounted by Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville.  Specifically students will examine the function of religion, government, and the home and its effects on everyday life. 


The Great Awakening - This course examines the events surrounding the First Great awakening and includes selections from Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and Ezra Stiles.  It also includes writings on the founding’s of the College of New Jersey (PrincetonUniversity) and the College of New York (DartmouthUniversity).


Constitutional Convention (group course) - One of the main purposes of this course is for students to become more familiar with the central themes of the Convention. The course is divided into three parts: background “lectures,” the scripts of the debates, and quizzes for each of the lectures.  The course is designed for GenJ Clubs or support groups, but can be taken by individual students. 

Founding Documents - America’s early history is rich with influential documents that helped shape the growth of our budding nation.  These documents contain more than just laws and procedure; they shed light on the ideals and philosophies of early Americans on subjects such as liberty, religion, and the security of the common good.

Generation Joshua’s America’s Founding Documents course takes students on a journey from the First Charter of Virginia (1606) through documents like the Mayflower Compact (1620), Pennsylvania Frame for Government (1682), Resolutions of the Stamp Act Congress (1765), and the Declaration of Independence (1776) through the Northwest Ordinance (1787).


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