Teen Track Program & Speaking Details

The Generation Joshua Teen Track is a teen program for conferences or large groups designed for Christian youth between the ages of 11 and 19 who want to become a force in the civic and political arenas. The idea behind the Teen Tracks is to take government (something that is not very hands on) and turn it into a full scale interactive learning process that the youth do rather than just hear.  It is common knowledge in the homeschool community that children learn best by employing all of their senses; thus in each of these courses, the teens actually get to do the course rather than just learn it. 

We offer multiple different programs:

Each Teen Track program is unique in its content and topic matter; however, all of them are designed to have limited lecture and a large amount of hands on work.  They are all designed to teach young people the basics of our government and our civic responsibility, and to teach it in an exciting, engaging way that makes it real for all teens, no matter how politically inclined they are.

For information on booking this teen tracks, please contact our office. Click here to download a sample contract with rates and details. 

For more information on GenJ's speakers available for workshops and teen conferences click here.