It was a case that made the headlines.

The mob has murdered an FBI informant and the local brass has pulled out all the stops to find the guilty party. Accordingly, they have summoned a Federal Grand Jury to investigate the evidence and issue an indictment for murder.  The problem is that there are three possible suspects.  Each had opportunity, means, and possibly a motive, so who do they take to trial?  That is your job.  The Generation Joshua iObject teen track places you in the seat of one of the most powerful citizen judicial roles in the country, a federal Grand Jury.

The Generation Joshua iObject program puts participants on the front lines of the judicial system, allowing them to actually see the evidence that is used to bring people to trial, and the difficulties that face a system of justice.  We provide a view of the justice system in the United States that is rarely seen by people but is vital to how we serve justice in the America.  Students get to question witnesses, examine evidence and learn what is and is not allowed in testimony while working to solve a perplexing murder from the 1930s.  We intersperse the hands on learning with discussions of what it means to be an engaged citizen, America’s Judeo-Christian Heritage, and standing up for what is right.

You determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to bring a suspect to trial or if the prosecution seems to be targeting an innocent man.  The Grand Jury is a constitutional shield to prevent a prosecutor from charging someone with a crime without sufficient evidence, and also acts to ensure that the guilty are actively prosecuted.  You will be given the chance to determine who is innocent and who should be charged.  And maybe, just maybe, ensure justice is done.  It’s not easy, but it is a crucial part of our system of justice.  We invite you to attend and be part of Generation Joshuas newest teen track iObject.


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iObject: Grand Jury Simulation

Generation Joshua’s newest teen conference program. 

How does a Christian world view affect the judicial system? How does what is right and what is legal balance?  Generation Joshua’s newest conference program explores these issues via the grand jury system. The Fifth Amendment requires the United States government to use grand juries to bring charges for all capital and "infamous" crimes, but very few people even know how a grand jury works. We offer an inside view of the Federal grand jury system, allowing students to immerse themselves in a 1930s Chicago mafia case as a grand juror. We use this to explore constitutional rights and privileges and how they affect young citizens while teaching constitutional powers and responsibilities

Grand Jury Defined

The grand jury "is a grand inquest, a body with powers of investigation and inquisition, the scope of whose inquiries is not to be limited narrowly by questions of propriety or forecasts of the probable result of the investigation, or by doubts whether any particular individual will be found properly subject to an accusation of crime."


Blair v. United States, 250 U.S. 273 (1919)