iElect: Presidential Election Simulation

Participants will take part in a mock presidential campaign that includes caucus work, a primary race, voter registration, fundraising, commercials, campaigning, and actual voting. Participants will be assigned to a mock political party, design their own party platform, elect their own candidates from among themselves, and raise GenJ money to buy commercials, campaign materials, advertisements, etc.  Parents and other conference attendees are involved by registering to vote, donating play money (parents will be provided with the money), and by voting for their favorite candidate. 

Students simulate the rigors of the electoral process by personally campaigning for a candidate of their choice. At each phase of the program, students will learn how a real election works by actually participating in the presidential race and making important decisions that could make or break their campaign.

The program is designed to be interactive, even getting parents and other attendees involved in the process. Teens will enjoy the hands-on nature that the program offers.

iElect Sample Schedule


"It's really cool! I thought it would be boring, but no way! It's really awesome."  Participant, 14,