iAmend: Mock Constitutional Amendment Process


Participants will learn about the United States Constitution and how our Founders planned our amendment process. Participants will start out as legislators as they seek to pass proposed constitutional amendments. They will draft proposed constitutional amendments in small caucuses, and then seek to have their party endorse their amendments. They will then go into a legislative session to debate and vote on their proposed amendments. Next, they will lobby conference attendees to vote for or against their proposed constitutional amendments, and the teen track will culminate in the parents (representing the states) voting whether to ratify the Constitutional amendments. The teen track will close with information on how teen participants can get involved in the actual fight for a parental rights amendment to the constitution (see www.parentalrights.org).

This program features an interactive program, even getting parents and other attendees involved in the process. Teens will enjoy the hands-on nature of the program as they learn how the U.S. Constitution can be amended and why that is sometimes necessary. Generation Joshua staff will intersperse educational lectures with the program, including discussion about the proposed parental rights amendment.

NOTE: iAmend requires that during scheduled breaks the students attending the teen track will leave their assigned room(s) to interact with the adults in the vendor hall and attending the conference regarding the ratification vote of the proposed amendments.


iAmend Sample Schedule


“Ya’ll are doing something that desperately needs to be done—making teens think about politics; and you’re doing it in the best way I’ve ever seen.” Participant, Age 16, CA