What is Benjamin Rush Awards Program?

The Benjamin Rush Awards Program was started to motivate and equip high school students to use their voice in the democratic process. We do this by encouraging you (the student) to get out there and use your civic voice! The program also seeks to strengthen the principles of government upon which the United States was founded. Most importantly, though, the Benjamin Rush Awards Program is about preserving liberty for the next generation.


The Basics


Students participating in the Benjamin Rush Awards Program fulfill civic-related requirements and electives to complete one of four different levels. The four tiers of achievement that students can strive for are Citizen, Activist, Patriot, or Statesman. Requirement difficulty is based upon what tier the students are trying to reach. Participants are awarded prizes based on the amount of work they accomplish. For more information on the program and how to get started, please visit our General Guidelines page.


The Ben Rush program offers many exciting prizes and scholarships to winning participants! Prizes include scholarships to schools of a student's choice, scholarships to camp, iPods, gifts cards, and GenJ gear! To see specific prizes for each level visit our General Guidelines.


Benjamin Rush?


Benjamin Rush was a "Jack of all trades" among our founding fathers. At the time of his death in 1813, Dr. Benjamin Rush was one of America’s three most notable men; along with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. He signed the Declaration of Independence, served under three presidents, assisted in founding five universities and colleges, and personally trained over 3,000 medical students. Rush also established American Sunday schools and the first Bible society in America. For more in-depth bio on Benjamin Rush please click here (Courtesy of ColonialHall.com).




If you have any questions relating to the Ben Rush Program, please e-mail the Awards Administrator at Benrush@hslda.org or call 540-338-8608.