Ben Rush Handbook


The Handbook
Everything you need to know about the Ben Rush Program is in the little link below. It is the offical Ben Rush handbook. Inside you will find the General Guidlines, which are also available online, all the specific requirements for each level, all the details about each requirement, and helpful hints to assist you in successfully completing them.

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Example of a letter to your legislator
This letter is on a bill that was being passed in Senate. It is a perfect example of what a letter to your legislator should look like.

Please keep in mind, that legislators DO listen to their constituents. Letters should be persuasively written with a clear thesis as to how you want your legislator to respond to an event, vote on a bill, or react to a court decision. You letter should not be a reaction to something they did. After all, they can't do much to undo something they did.

Example of a letter to your editor
Letters to the editor should be written to the EDITOR or readership of the paper. If you are writing it to your editor, it will most likely be a reaction to something that appeared in the paper or an issue. For example, if the paper printed an article about abortion that you didn't agree with write back with your opinion. If you are writing to the readership, it should be persuasively written to encourage them to action or to change their mind. Here is an example of the latter that I found in my local paper:

Every newspaper has a section for these. Read the ones in your paper to get a grasp for what it should look like. It is important to remember who your audience is (other local citizens) and who it is not (your legislators). Also keep them short, newspapers have limited space, respect that.



Below you will find checklists to help you keep track of where you are in your goals.
They are divided by level and in each there is an area for the requirement, the number of requirements you must complete for your level, a box for you to mark when it is completed, and a "talley area" for you to track where you are in completing the requirement.

 Hope these help you on your way to your goal!

Statesman Checklist
Patriot Checklist
Activist Checklist

Citizen Checklist


If you are interested in seeing how the levels build on each other, check out the breakdown of the requirements of each level here: Ben Rush Progression.

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Verification Forms
These are forms you MUST fill out for different requirements.
Take the voter registration/voter address update forms with you to your location. You will need people to sign them.
On the last day that you volunteer at an organization, you will need your supervisor to sign the volunteer hour form.
Your mom can sign the public meeting, lecture/seminar, and performance forms.
Once they're filled out, you need to either fax them to me or mail them to me, and I will put them towards your points!

Voter Address Update Form

Voter Registration Form

Concert-Musical Performance Form

Lecture-Seminar Form

Public Meeting Form

Volunteer Hours Form

Lobbying Form

Club Form

Petition Signature Form

New Member Referral Form

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