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GenJ Club in Colorado featured in the Johnstown Breeze in 2006

For all media inquiries please contact Generation Joshua at 540.338.8608.  Interviews with Generation Joshua Director Will Estrada and Deputy Director Joel Grewe are available upon request.

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Podcast interview with Generation Joshua Director Will Estrada, Yes FM, Toledo, OH, June 26, 2012.

Home School Student Works Hard and Aims High, The Paducah Sun, Rebecca Feldhaus, January 2, 2012


Election 2011 Flashback: Generation Joshua in Danville, Bearing Drift, Steven Osborne, November 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann's Child Army, Mother Jones, July 19, 2011

Results of Valentine's Day activity heartwarming for Campfire youth, The Bowie Blade-News, March 24, 2011

House Committee on Human Services to Hold Hearing on Measure Relating to Parental Rights, Hawaii Reporter, March 27, 2011

American Government by Immersion, article by Joel Grewe (Generation Joshua Deputy Director), Classical Conversations, March 23, 2011

Generation Joshua radio interview, Generations Radio (host Kevin Swanson interviews Generation Joshua Director Will Estrada), March 23, 2011


Homeschooling Proving "Good for America," Yahoo! News, December 3, 2010

Homeschooled candidate heads to Congress, World Net Daily, November 9, 2010

Home-Educated Youth and the Election, American Thinker, November 9, 2010

Paul hands tea party an early victory, WPSD Local 6, November 2, 2010 (story quotes Generation Joshua member Jenaye White)

Rally aims to push undecided votes, WFRV News (WI), October 31, 2010

Indiana Secretary of State Visits Generation Joshua Club, Hendricks County Flyer (IN), April 2, 2010

Bob McDonnell sworn in as Virginia's 71st Governor, 13News/ (VA), January 16, 2010 (video of Generation Joshua member Grace Tate)


"What's Right?" Editorial by Generation Joshua student, Daily American (PA), December 22, 2009

Interview with Homeschool Grad Brittany Barden, Pajama School Blog, December 2, 2009

NY-23: Young Christians for Hoffman, The Washington Independent (NY), November 3, 2009

Home-Schoolers Take Plunge into Politics, Washington Times (Washington D.C.) June 15, 2009 

Divided Republicans struggle to find the right balance, The Globe and Mail (Canada), March 9th, 2009


Video of U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann's victory speech where she thanked Generation Joshua students for their contribution (MN), November 4th, 2008

The party that was over before it started: Republicans ate, drank but were not merry, The New Mexico Independent (NM), November 5th, 2008

Volunteer: Race is tight, but McCain will win, and Get Out and Vote, Because He Can't, Rocky Mountain News (CO), November 4th, 2008

Youth rallying behind GOP ticket, OneNewsNow, October 31st, 2008

Youth Raise Voter Awareness, Daily American (PA), October 31st, 2008

Political Notes: Young conservative activists will host a political forum for local candidates, (CA), September 30, 2008

Home-schooled siblings take notes in U.S. Capitol, (PA), August 18, 2008

Obama abandons 'Joshua Generation Project,' WorldNetDaily, July 3, 2008

Obama's Use of 'Joshua Generation' Challenged, WorldNetDaily, June 13, 2008


Home-school Notes: Generation Joshua Web site offers online civics lesson, (TN), November 21, 2007.

The next generation of social conservatives is already in the trenches, Rocky Mountain Chronicle (CO), August 2, 2007.

Convention Teaches Parents About Home Schooling, Gazette Newspapers (CA), July 12, 2007.

Home-schooled Christian teens practice politics, The Patriot-News (PA), May 12, 2007.

Lawmakers stage town hall meetings, Argus Observer (ID), April 8, 2007.

HSLDA Restarts Congressional Action Program, HSLDA, March 21, 2007.

History lessons (Written by a 7th grade GenJ member), The Journal (WV), January 31, 2007. 


The next generation of the political process, The Johnstown Breeze (CO), December 14, 2006.

Christian teens active in elections, The Washington Times, December 11, 2006.

Bachmann wins U.S. House seat in 6th, The Minnesota Daily (MN), November 8, 2006.

Election notebook: Candidates up early, Quad-City Times (IL/IA), November 7, 2006.

Generation Joshua: Not old enough to vote, but old enough to make a difference, Mansfield News Journal (OH), November 6, 2006.

Homeschoolers on the Campaign Trail, The Cracked Pot (Online Edition), October 31, 2006.

Blackwell calls supporters an inspiration, Mount Vernon News (OH), September 22, 2006.

Preserving Constitution our duty, The Washington Times, September 18, 2006

Teen takes pro-military role: Dover resident wants people to keep it positive, The Times-Reporter (OH), August 21, 2006.

Bryant: I'm finished with major races, Jackson Sun (TN), August 5, 2006.

Bryant backers give last-minute push, (TN), August 2, 2006.

Education Report, The New American Magazine, May 15, 2006

Ruckman to Speak to Knox County Republican Women's Club, Mount Vernon News (OH), March 9, 2006.

East Tennessee teens mix politics with prayer, NBC WBIR (TN), February 28, 2006.


Bryant highlights his legal expertise, Knoxville News Sentinel (TN), December 23, 2005.

GenJ Clubs, being Salt and Light, The Home School Court Report, December 2005.

Waiting for Governor brings delight, defeat, The Free-Lance Star (VA), November 14, 2005.

Kilgore stresses that he's a conservative who trusts the people, Richmond Times Dispatch (VA), November 5, 2005.

Christian Campers Focus on Politics, ABC World News Tonight (text version), August 15, 2005. 

Conference gives families tips about home-schooling, The Jackson Sun News (TN), August 15, 2005.

Scores voice concerns about facility (GenJ Club member quoted), Merced Sun-Star (CA), August 2, 2005. 

On the campaign trail: Kyle for president, The Herald-Leader (AR), July 27, 2005.

Training a new generation of leaders, The Washington Times, July 24, 2005.

A new generation of moral leadership, The Washington Times, May 5, 2005. 

Civics!, The Valley Citizen, April 2005.


Reading,writing & right-wing politics, The Boston Globe, August 15, 2004.

Generation Joshua engages teens in political arena, American Family Association Journal, August, 2004.

Generation Joshua: The Next Step for Homeschooling , Chalcedon Report, June 11, 2004.

Homeschoolers Keep the Faith, The Christian Science Monitor, March 23, 2004.

Homeschoolers: Political force of the future,, March 13, 2004.

College for the Homeschooled Is Shaping Leaders for the Right, The New York Times, March 7, 2004.


Secret Weapon: Homeschoolers may become to conservative Republicans what labor unions are to Democrats, World Magazine, October 18, 2003.